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Baise Horse

Country of Origin: China


The Baise (also called Guangxi) is a small horse breed raised in pasture at high altitude & allowed to roam freely in herds when not working.


This breed is native to the Guangxi region of China, where the climate is mild & horse breeding has long been common practice. Bronze statues from 206 to 25 B.C. have been found that look almost exactly like this animal in confirmation. They have obvious physical ties with Mongolian animals.

The Baise horses have always been an important part of the local residents & were an integral part of traditional marriage celebrations.


Average height 11 – 11.2 hands
Fast & strong


Head is heavy with straight profile & wide jaw
Neck is medium length
Shoulder is straight
Legs are strong & well-developed
Hooves are strong

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay


Willing & able


Riding horse
Pack horse
Cart horse
Farm animal

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: , , ,
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