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Kisber Halfbred Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary

Kisber Halfbred Horse

Image from Freiheit


Also called the Kisber Felver, the Kisber Halfbred was developed at the Kisber Stud Farm (est. 1853) in Hungary. The goal was to replace the often high strung English Thoroughbred with an animal that was more versatile to upgrade local stock.


Local animals were crossed with the English Thoroughbreds and then the finest specimens were selected for further crossing among themselves. Later, to add size & stature Furioso & East Prussian were also included.

In 1961 stock was transferred to the Dalmand farm where they are still bred today.


Average height 16 – 17 hands


Head is noble & dry
Ears are small & active
Neck is long & straight or slightly arched
Back is often sloped forward and hollowed

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | blackTemperament

Lively and true


Riding horse
Eventing horse
Sport horse


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Country of Origin: Hungary | Colors: , , ,
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