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Navarra Pony

Country of Origin: Spain

Navarra Pony

Image from caravinagre


Also called the Navarran, Navarrais & the Navarre, the Navarra Pony comes from Navarre which is in the western Pyrenees of northern Spain.

Navarra Horse

Image from caravinagre


This is an ancient breed and it’s origins are a mystery, however it is thought that they come from a combination of Celtic ponies, Arabian & Barb animals. They are similar to the Losa & Asturian breeds. These animals were used primarily for agriculture, however the mechanization of the industry put them out of a job. Today there is a small herd of these animals living wild but protected, they live with very little human intervention.


Head is medium in size with a straight profile
Ears are small
Neck is muscular & wide
Legs are firm
Hooves are round & strong


Lively & dependable


Riding pony

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Country of Origin: Spain |
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