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Guanzhong Horse

Country of Origin: China



The Guanzhong breed comes from the Weithe basin of China which is a famous agricultural region that is famous for their farm stock. Horses were a necessity to the people of this region for agriculture as well as transportation.


In the 1950’s a growing need for food & transport called for a larger, more robust animal to meet demands. Larger horses were imported from Russia to cross with local animals, but the resulting animals didn’t meet expectations. The body was still too high to provide ample pulling power, so Ardennes blood was added to the mix to provide some bulk.

In 1965 ideal animals produced from crossbreeding were then paired off to continue the lineage.


Average height 14.3 – 15 hands


Head is medium in size with a straight profile
Neck is medium in length & slightly crested
Back is wide & straight
Hindquarters are square & well connected
Legs are well set and solid

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Bold & true



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Country of Origin: China | Colors: ,
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