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Baguales Horse

Country of Origin: Argentina


The Baguales is a feral horse found in the Pampas region of Argentina. This is a tough, robust horse that is able to withstand highly variable climatic conditions.


The Baguales breed originated in the 16th Century when Spanish stock was introduced to Argentina by conquistadors. Some animals escaped or were released to form feral herds that roamed the Pampas of the Rio de la Plata near Buenos Aires.

The blood of this breed, along with that of horses from Brazil, Uruguay & Chile contributed to the blood of the Argentine Criollo.

Adding New Blood

Early in the 19th century the British introduced Thoroughbreds to Argentina & later the French brought Percherons. The introduction of their blood to the local animals, diluting the highly Spanish bloodlines.

In 1917, the Argentines took measures to preserve their Criollo by selecting 200 choice mares & keeping them exclusively for breeding. The breeds name was changed to Argentine Criollo (even though Brazilian & Uruguayan Criollos are the same type/ ancestry).

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Country of Origin: Argentina | Colors:
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