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Tibetan Pony

Country of Origin: Tibet

Tibetan Pony

Image from John Hill


The Tibetan Pony comes from the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and are thought to date back 4000 years. This breed is very special to the local people who developed native stock to suit local needs.


This breed has been bred pure for thousands of years and were often sent as gifts to Chinese emperors – although stock was rarely brought back to the plateau. Although more recently attempts have been made to improve the breed, however they are specifically adapted high altitude areas and crosses were unsuccessful.

Although they are ancient this breed wasn’t officially recognized until 1980. Today there are several types found within the breed.

Ganzhi Mountain Type – the direct line of original mountain stock
Yushu Plateau Type – found in the Naqu district
Zhongdian Valley Type – harmonious confirmation


Average height 12 – 12.2 hands


Head is small with a straight profile
Body is compact & muscular
Legs are short & bony

Traditional Colors

grey | bay

Tibetan Pony

Image from Luca Galuzzi


Riding horse
Pack animal


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Country of Origin: Tibet | Colors: ,
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