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Westphalian Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Westphalian Horse

Image from Karlyne


Most of the warmbloods in Germany are named for the region in which they are bred. In keeping with that tradition the Westfalen or Westphalian horse comes from Westphalia in Germany

Westphalian Horse

Image from Sago1965


The breed was created at the State Stud of Warendorf which had been created in 1826 to improve local breeds. Stallions that suited local needs of each region were used as the foundation & state stud fees were kept low to allow local farmers to produce quality animals & fortify local stock.

The Westfalen breed started with animals that were similar to Trakehners during that time, slimmer riding horses with obvious Thoroughbred blood. As the local population grew a need arose for more robust, versatile animals to keep up with a rapidly growing agriculture industry.

By the start of the 20th century the Rhenish Cold Blood, which was far more suited to the task became the farmers horse of choice. Slowly the Westfalen breeding was phased out of the Warendorf stud and replaced with the Rhenish draft.

As with most draft breeds, the 20th century rendered them essentially obsolete and warmbloods came back into favor. Stock was replenished with Hanoverain blood which played a large part in refining the Westfalen into a sporting type. Strict breeding practices are used and animals must pass rigorous testing to represent the breed by standing stud.


Average height 15.2 – 17.2 hands


Similar to the Hanoverian in confirmation
head is attractive and a straight or slightly dished profile
Broad, medium-length back with powerful loins
High-set tail, strong hindquarters
Short legs with large pronounced joints, strongly muscled forearms
Hard, well-shaped hooves

Traditional Colors

All colors


Even-tempered & willing

Westphalian Horse

Image from Eventer


Riding horse
Eventing horse
Show horse
Sport horse

Westphalian Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors:
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