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Mongolian Horse

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Mongolian Horse


The Mongolian horse is perhaps the oldest true breed of horse, their bloodlines are ancient and has been a foundation influence on many of the breeds throughout Asia & Europe.

Mongolian Horse


The Mongolians have always been known for their horse culture & their wide spread invasions carried bloodlines wide & far. Over the centuries different needs of man and different climates have shaped four different types within the breed, forest, steppe, mountain & Gobi.

Forest – The largest & heaviest of the types.
Steppe – Smaller, faster & built more for riding.
Mountain – Middle sized and similar in confirmation to the Siberian Altai breed.
Gobi – A desert horse & the smallest of the types & generally light in color.


Average height 12 – 14 hands


Head is heavy
Neck is short
Body is wide
Legs are short with good joints
Hooves are hard & sound

Traditional Colors

All colors


Tough & willing

Mongolian Horse


Riding horse
Milk production
Meat production


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Country of Origin: Mongolia | Colors:
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