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Bergmann Pony

Country of Origin: Argentina

Bergmann Pony


Also called the Argentinean Modepony & Argentinean Fashion Pony, this is a pony with the same foundation as the Falabella, bred by minors in Argentina.


More refined & larger than Falabellas, the Bergmann Pony is bred for its beauty & intelligence. Today small populations can also be found in the Netherlands & France.


Average height 6.8 – 7.8 hands
Tough & durable


Head is large & straight
Neck is long & muscular
Chest is wide
Back is short with compact body
Legs are long & easy
Coat is lush & dense

Traditional Colors

All colors


Calm & friendly
Docile & agreeable


Pit ponies

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Country of Origin: Argentina | Colors:
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