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Albanian Horse

Country of Origin: Albania

Albanian Horse

Image from: CharlesFred


There are two types of horses native to Albania, mountain horses (Mountain) & horses of the plains (Myzequea). Sadly, a lack of proper breeding programs has allowed interbreeding between them to blur lines of distinction.

Albanian Horse

Image from: CharlesFred


Albanian Horse horse bloodlines probably come from a combination of Tarpan, Turkmenian & Mongolian animals, which later saw an infusion of Arabian blood during the Ottoman Empire. For the most part their breeding has been born of necessity by the local people & not centrally managed.

Type Differences

The two types have been bred to meet different needs, the Myzequea is very strong & robust for its size with an easy ambling gait. This makes them ideal as long distance mounts, carriage horses or for light agricultural work. The Mountain type is smaller, lighter, more agile & livelier than its plains counterpart. They also tend to have better endurance & higher resistance to disease.

Making A New Name

Originally bred as animals of transport, the Albanian horse was reinvented in the 1990’s when an attempt was made to create larger stock better suited for agricultural work. The result was a boom in numbers & an overall improvement in the versatility of the breed itself.


Average height
Mountain 12.2 – 12.3 hands
Myzeqea 13 – 14.1 hands
Exceptionally strong for their size


Small & sturdy

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay


High energy & endurance
Possess incredible agility & balance


General riding
Cart horse


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