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Lundy Pony

Country of Origin: England

Lundy Pony

Image from NickStenning


The Lundy Pony is named for the isle of Lundy in the Bristol Channel of England. There are no horses native to the cluster of islands there, so this breed was developed by the last private owner of Lundy Island.


The foundation stock were New Forest mares and an Arabian stallion as well as some Welsh Mountain & Connemara ponies. However once a decent herd was acquired no more outside blood was allowed.

When the island was sold in 1969 a National Trust took over care and 3 years later the National Pony Society stepped in to take charge. They kept the ponies until 1980 when the whole herd was moved to Cornwell where the Lundy breed has been bred since.

In 1984 a breed society was established and they have grown in popularity as show animals.


Average height 13.2 hands


Head is neat with a slightly convex or Roman profile
Eyes are large & alert
Neck is medium in length & muscular
Back is short & strong

Traditional Colors

Liver chestnut | bay | dun | roan | palomino


Show pony
Riding pony


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