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Galloway Pony

Country of Origin: Scotland

Galloway Pony


The Galloway Pony is an extinct pony breed that came from Scotland, they were originally used as mounts for boarder raids and later by cattle drovers for herding their stock.


Because they came from difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions these ponies were robust, efficient and able to travel long distances in unforgiving conditions. However, the Galloway was not well suited to farm work so they were crossbred to produce a more versatile animal. This crossbreeding polluted their pure lines and was instrumental in their decline.

By the 18th century the breed began to be absorbed into the handsome Fell pony which is considered to possess many of the Galloway physical characteristics. Their bloodlines also contributed to the Dales & Highland ponies and even the Thoroughbred lines are thought to have some Galloway blood – prior to the introduction of the three foundation sires.


Average height 13 – 14 hands


Head & neck are small & neat
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are clean

Traditional Colors

black | bay

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Country of Origin: Scotland | Colors: ,
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