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Ainos Pony

Country of Origin: Greece

Ainos Pony


The Ainos Pony is an incredibly rare breed of pony found only on the western Greek island of Kefalonia in the Gulf of Pátras. Sadly, tourism, poaching & lack of grazing land are a major threat to this breed – their numbers shrink every year.


The ponies on this island are descendants of the Pindos Pony & were originally used as pack animals or transport in the mountains. Sadly the need for them is long gone & the surviving herd lives a wild & frugal existence on the slopes of Mount Ainos.

While there have been some attempts to document & create breeding programs for the Ainos Pony, there is very little local support.


Average height 11.3 – 13 hands
Stocky mountain type build


Large head
Short, thick neck
Steep shoulder
Compact body
Legs & feet are strong
Joints can be weak & they are prone to sickled hind legs

Traditional Colors

Usually dun or brown


Easy keepers
Strong & calm


Pack animal
Riding pony

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