Seal Bay or Brown Horse Coat Color Modifier

Seal Bay or Brown Horse

Also called black & tan, seal brown is often confused with dark bay & can look very similar to black animals affected by the pangare gene.

Another Agouti

While brown animals resemble other colors, they have a specific genetic makeup. Seal browns are essentially another expression of the Agouti gene on a black base coat. The only physical way to tell the difference – a seal brown animal will possess lighter hair on their soft spots (muzzle, flank, etc.).

Brown Shades

Of all of the modifiers that affect body hair, this one has perhaps the most limited color range. While they can vary a little, they tend to look very similar to one another. Below is a comparison of two animals that are similar in colour, but totally different genetically.

Dark Bay Vs. Seal Brown

White Patterns on Seal Bay Coats

Seal brown animals can be affected by all white patterns & their coloring actually creates lovely colorful spotted animals.

Seal Bay Appaloosa

Seal Bay Appaloosa Horse

Seal bay horse with a appaloosa white pattern
Seal Bay Pinto

Seal Bay Pinto Horse

Seal bay horse with a pinto white pattern
Seal Bay Roan

Seal Bay Roan Horse

Image from Caronna
Seal bay horse with a roan white pattern