Mealy or Pangare Horse Coat Color Modifier

Mealy Horse

This modifier is expressed by a lightening of the animals soft spots, generally the muzzle, belly, flank, elbow and/or eyes & easily identified by a characteristic lightened muzzle.

Mealy Modifier

The picture below is a comparison of two similar colored horses, one with the Pangare gene & one without. Common to all breeds, mealy is most often found in pony & draft breeds. In fact, some breeds are almost exclusively mealy. Other equines like mules & burros are rarely found without it.

Mealy vs. Non-Mealy Horse

Mealy Shades

The genetic inheritance of pangare is unclear & it’s believed not to have an affect on black coats. The modifier varies in intensity from animal to animal & works by lightening the muzzle, belly, inner forearms, thighs & sometimes the chest & eyes. On a chestnut coat it often presents itself as flaxen by creating a blonde mane & tail.

Chestnut Mealy

Chestnut Mealy/Pangare Horse

Mealy gene displayed on a chestnut base.
Bay Mealy

Mealy Bay Horse

Mealy gene displayed on a bay horse.