Flaxen Horse Coat Color Modifier

Flaxen Horses

The flaxen modifier only affects mane & tail color in chestnut based horses. This gene can affect a wide variety of chestnut shades by lightening the mane & tail – its coloring obviously means it is often mistaken for palomino.

Flaxen Modifier

This modifier does not always affect the mane & tail to the same degree – & has been known to affect lower legs. Flaxen animals are often mistaken for palomino or even silver animals. It’s effect may disappear & reappear as an animal sheds over time. The inheritance of this gene is unknown at the moment.

Not much is understood about this modifier, except that it is commonly mistaken for something else entirely.

Flaxen Shades

There is a variety of flaxen shades that fall under three basic categories.

Light Flaxen

Light Flaxen Horse

Medium Flaxen

Medium Flaxen Horse

Dark Flaxen

Dark Flaxen Horse