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Bhotia Pony

Country of Origin: India

Bhotia Pony

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Also called Bhutia Pony, Bhote Ghoda, Bhutan Pony, Bhutani, Bhutua Pony & Indian Country Bred pony, the Bhotia Pony is well suited to mountainous terrain that most other breeds could never navigate.


Found in Nepal, Bhutan, the Sikkim & Darjeeling regions of India. They are remarkably similar to the native Tibetan pony & Spiti Ponies – all three of their bloodlines have crossed more than once. As a result it is not uncommon for the Bhutia, Spiti & Tibetan breeds to be collectively called “Indian Country Bred” ponies.

Due to a lack of any regimented breeding programs & poor nutrition, these animals tend to be smaller & less robust than breeds found in lush areas.


Average height 13 – 13.2 hands


Neck is short & thick
Body is compact
Back is strong
Legs are coarse & hairy, but strong
Hooves are open at the heels
Mane and tail are very long & heavy

Traditional Colors

Occasionally chestnut or roan


Generally willing & quiet with strong character


Pack animal
Light agriculture work

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Country of Origin: India |
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