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Galician Pony

Country of Origin: Spain

Galician Pony

Image from chausinho


Also called Gallego, Faca Galizana, Jaca Gallega, Poney gallego, Poni galaga,the Galician Pony comes from the northwest of Spain, which is a region with a wet climate and low mountains.


These ponies have traditionally been bred for meat production, riding & a source of hair for brushes. A difficult natural climate makes them rugged, hardy animals usually the size of a small horse or large pony. Their bloodlines are the foundation for the Galiceño breed found in Mexico.

The ancestry of the Galician pony is similar to that of many pony breeds who live on the Atlantic coast from Scotland down to Portugal. In each different place the animals evolved to suit the specific geographical & climate conditions. However, they all come from a mix of Celtic & Roman horses as well as those brought to northern Spain by Germanic tribes.

An official herd book was established in 1994 & today this pony is a tourist attraction & source of revenue for the locals. There is a yearly festival for rounding up the heard, branding them, cutting their manes and selecting a few animals to sell.


Average height 12.2 – 13.2 hands


Head has a straight profile
Older mares often grow a long mustache on their upper lips

Traditional Colors



Amiable and kind


Meat production

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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors:
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