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Esperia Pony

Country of Origin: Italy

Esperia Pony


This is an Italian pony, named for its home region in Italy with horse like characteristics, a big stride and an inclination for sporting.


This pony breed has been evolving for the last two centuries and began when Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia decided he wanted to improve the population of local semi-feral horses. Other Italian breeds were added, but were unable to adapt to the rocky terrain. In 1840 the Baron purchased several Turkish animals which proved to assimilate into the Esperia & adapt to the local footing.

The breed thrived until the second World War they came close to extinction as they were both used by the military to set off mines & used by the locals as a source of food. In 1962, the Esperia breed was officially recognized and their breeding has spread through many parts of Italy.


Average height 13 – 14 hands


Head is short with a straight profile
Neck is proportionate and medium sized
Chest is well developed and muscular
Legs are robust with strong, clear joints
Mane & tail are abundant

Traditional Colors



Lively, attentive & docile


Pack animal
Show pony
Competition mount

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Country of Origin: Italy | Colors:
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