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Salerno Horse

Country of Origin: Italy

Salerno Horse


Also called the Persano, the Salerno horse comes from the Campania region of Italy in the 18th century. These animals were based on the Neapolitan horse (also a foundation for the Lipizzaner).


In fact, the Salerno horse comes from a combination of Neapolitan, Lipizzaner & Arabian bloodlines. This breed became known for their strength & widely held in high regard. Although their numbers did decline by the turn of the 20th century there was a revival of the breed and the Persano name was dropped. Sadly it didn’t last and mechanization has caused their numbers to plummet. This is a rare breed today.


Average height 16 – 1.2 hands


Head is fine with clear Spanish influence
Neck is medium in length
Shoulder is muscular, long & sloped
Chest is deep & wide
Back is short & strong
Legs are well formed with strong joints
Hooves have good structure

Traditional Colors

All colors


Sensible & docile


Riding horse
Light agriculture
Show horse

Salerno Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Italy | Colors:
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