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Desert Norman Horse

Country of Origin: France



This breed is basically an early form of the Percheron breed, before they became the heavy animal they are today.


The Desert Norman Horse began in a district of Normandy in France – which is one of the oldest horse breeding areas on the planet. In 732 AD Arabian animals were abandoned by the Moors after their defeat in the Battle of Tours. These animals were crossed with massive Flemish stock and the resulting animals came to be known of the Percheron which has endured since.

During the Crusades more Arabian blood was added and bred into the Percheron lines. The resulting animal was versatile and as well suited for driving as they were for riding or farm work. The Desert Norman is today’s version of those original bloodlines.

During the Industrial Revolution, the demands of farms & transportation changed and began to require more robust animals. The response was to create a heavier & more powerful animal that we know as the Percheron today.

These days there is a renewed interest in the Desert Norman and in keeping with their smaller, more refined bloodlines. Desirable animals display a balanced, rhythmic stride and free movement, and they are versatile performers.


Average height 15 – 16.2 hands


Head is attractive & well proportioned
Forehead is clean & refined
Ears are small & curved
Eyes are large, expressive & confident
Neck is medium in length and arched
Chest is broad & muscular
Shoulders are slanted & well muscled
Back is short, strong & well defined
Legs are well muscled & well proportioned
Hooves are large, dense & well angeled

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay


Calm and intelligent
Willing & sociable
Alert & curious


Eventing horse
Competition horse
Riding & pleasure animal

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The Desert Norman Horse Registry

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