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Mountain Pleasure Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Mountain Pleasure Horse


Also called the Country Saddle Horse, the Mountain Pleasure Horse is a gaited breed that has been breed in Kentucky for over 160 years and was the foundation for the Tennessee Walking, American Saddlebred & Rocky Mountain horse breeds. Despite it’s contributions to other breeds, enthusiasts have continued the bloodlines of this old-time horse selecting for gait & disposition. This is an old school breeding society that does not encourage breeding for show.


Average height 14.2 – 16 hands


Head is well proportioned with a straight profile
Neck is medium in length and arched
Chest is wide & deep
Shoulders are sloped
Legs are strong & well formed

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


Intelligent & friendly
Quick to learn & easy to train


Riding horse

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Mountain Pleasure Horse Registry

Where to Buy

Rose Farm
Van Bert Farm
Odom’s Mountain Horse Ranch
CW Mountain Horses

Mountain Pleasure Horse Studs

Doublecreek Farm


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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