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Lyngen Horse

Country of Origin: Norway

Lyngen Horse

Image from Halvard


Also called the Northland Pony, Nordland Pony, Nordlandshest & Lyngshest, the origins of the Lyngen Horse are a mystery.


There are a variety of theories, however research indicates that they come to Norway from the east and found environmental conditions where it could survive & develop. The Nordland is bred in several territories and based on their specific environmental & physical needs different types have been developed over the years.

As with many draft type breeds, the second World War was almost the cause of their extinction. However after the war they were recognized as a breed and a fairly successful attempt was made to regenerate their numbers.

There are two basic accepted types, the Lyngen type which is larger & more robust (and generally chestnut), and the Norland type which is smaller with heavier manned & tail hair. These distinctions are less obvious as crossbreeding between the two types continues.


Average height 13 – 14.2 hands


Back is well muscled
Legs are clean
Hooves are hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Easy to handle & willing to learn


Riding horse
Pack animal
Show horse


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Country of Origin: Norway | Colors: , , ,
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