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Brazilian Pony

Country of Origin: Brazil

Brazilian Pony


The Brazilian Pony is a small scale individual that was developed to stimulate interest in diverse sporting activities for children.


The breed was developed from the tough Scottish Ponies, the fine Falabella from Argentina, with influence from animals from Uruguay and Paraguay. For awhile cross-breeding with American ponies was tried, but the size of the POA were larger than was desired, so the breeding was discontinued.

Today Brazilian Ponies are popular as pets.


Average height 8.3 – 9.8 hands
Bred for perfect horse confirmation
Height at the hindquarters is not to exceed the height at the withers by more than .02 cm


Head is triangular with straight or slightly concave profile
Ears are small, mobile and directed upward
Eyes are remote & expressive
Neck is muscular, proportional & well-defined
Mane & tail are abundant & silky
Chest is deep, wide & muscular
Back is short & straight
Legs are medium in length & well-defined

Traditional Colors

Pintos and appaloosas are prized in this breed
Solid colors are allowed, but not as popular


Docile & calm


Cart horse
Riding pony

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Country of Origin: Brazil | Colors:
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