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Tori Horse

Country of Origin: Estonia

Tori Horse

Tori Universal


Also called the Tory, Toric & the Toriiskaya, the Tori was developed at the at the Tori Stud in Estonia early in the 20th century as a utility horse using Klepper & European halfbred animals. Although breeding was controlled, by the 1930’s they required an infusion of Breton blood to eliminate signs of inbreeding. Additionally as a need for sport horses grew, Hanovarian & Trakehner blood was added, creating the Tori Sport horse. Today the two recognized types within the breed are the sporthorse type and the universal type.

Tori Horse

Tori Sport – Image from Rozpravka


Average height 15 – 15.2 hands


Head is large
Neck is medium in length & fleshy
Back is long & flat
Legs are strong & clean

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Show horse

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Tori Stud
Estonian Animal Breeding Association

Where to Buy

Dundee Tori Horse Stud


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Country of Origin: Estonia | Colors: ,
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