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Spanish Jennet Horse

Country of Origin: Spain

Spanish Jennet Horse

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Spotted animals with exotic color patterns have been documented back as far as 18,000 BC with more found in northern Spain & southern France dating back to 15,000 – 10,000 BC.


The Spanish Jennet comes from ancient Spain and was developed during the Midieval period, the result of chance bloodline meetings. Steppe horses have long displayed spotted coat patterns and the migratory nature of the nomads who owned them unknowingly spread them around. Spanish animals have almost always been known for their quality and after conquering the Iberian Peninsula the Romans touted their praises.

The ancestors of Jennet animals were shaped largely by the needs of war and at one time were much larger animals, heavy enough to carry knights in battle armor. However the Spanish resistance to the Moorish invasion created a need for smaller, more agile animals to compete with the athletic Arabians.

Arabian strains were crossed with local animals and formed the foundation for the Andalusian breed. During the process of these breeding practices some animals displayed spotted patterns and smooth, easy gaits which was later to become the Jennet.

This breed was highly regarded and generally reserved for use by members of royalty or high ranking officials as an indication of their status. Later Christopher Columbus would select several Jennet animals to take to the new world with him for their fine coloring & smooth strides. Many pacing breeds of Spanish descent carry the Jennet genetic lineage. They are the foundation of the true Paso gaits.


Average height 13.2 – 15.2 hands


Head is medium in size with straight or slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & intelligent
Neck is medium in length, well arched & set high
Back is medium in length & strong
Legs are dry with large joints
Hooves are small & tough

Traditional Colors

Appaloosa or pinto


Energetic yet docile


Riding horse
Endurance mount

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