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Australian Brumby

Country of Origin: Australia

Australian Brumby


Since horses were first brought to Australia they have become an integral part of the existence there. Wild Brumbies run freely in the Northern Territory, Queensland & Northwestern Australia.


The first horses arrived in Australia in 1788, having to come by long boat journey meant that only the strongest animals made the journey. That coupled with the dry & inhospitable climate into which they were brought makes the Australian Brumby a tough animal able to survive extreme drought conditions.

The stock that feeds the brumby herds were used as war mounts during both of the World Wars. Today these herds face slaughter in increasing numbers because many consider them a scourge that cause environmental damage.


Average height 12 – 16.2 hands
Generally small animals


Varies from animal to animal but should be of riding type
Head is large & balanced
Short, strong back
Solid and sound feet

Traditional Colors

All colors


Wild animals are always unpredictable


They are wild animals, however they can be broken & make excellent mounts
Ranch horses
Riding horses
Show horses

Australian Brumby Products

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