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Tiger Horse

Country of Origin: China

Indian Summer


The Tiger Horse breed was established in 1992 and based on the spotted horses of the Iberian peninsula, the name Tiger used to describe their lovely spotted coats.


All animals with leopard spotting patterns come from the same ancient Chinese ancestors who made their way to western Europe through the years. The Tiger Horse of ancient Iberia shared the smooth gaits, brilliant colored coats & bloodlines with the Spanish Jennet. These animals were well liked for colonization of the new world and by the mid 16th century breeding centers were established in both south & central America.

The native people in the Americas immediately took a liking to the spotted coats and hardiness of the Tiger horses and they quickly spread and were developed by a number of tribes including the Nez Perce who have become famous for their spotted ponies.

In 1938 a registry was established for spotted animals and breeding programs were established to preserve their coloration. Unfortunately Arabian, Thoroughbred & Quarter Horses were used – all of which bear dominant genetics that effectively wiped out many of the Tiger characteristics. Luckily small pockets of original bloodlines remained – mainly in the Pacific northwest of the US and in Canada.

In 1991 some genetic research was carried out on gaited appaloosas & by 1994 the Tiger Horse Association was formed to preserve these animals and an attempt has been made to re-create original bloodlines.


Average height 14.2 – 15.2 hands


Head is lean with straight or slightly convex profile
Ears are mobile & curved
Eyes are large with white sclera
Neck is set high, medium in length & well arched
Shoulder is sloping
Back is short & strong
Legs are sturdy with broad joints
Hooves are well shaped

Traditional Colors

Must display leopard spotting patterns


Affectionate & gentle
Sensible & intelligent


Riding horse
Show horse
Cow horse

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Country of Origin: China | Colors:
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