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Paso Fino Horse

Paso Fino Horse

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Paso Fino translates to ‘fine step’ and the are very clearly a breed apart from others as their fine step cannot be taught, it has to come through their genetics. The Paso is in fact distinguished by their four-beat lateral gait.

Paso Fino Horse

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Their bloodlines, while not known exactly are thought to have come from crosses between Spanish Jennet mares & Andalusian stallions. Jennets are known for their smooth amble and Andalusians are trotters, as it was found that mares were more likely to transfer the smooth gaits than the trotters.

Different Paso Fino lines have been developed across South America including Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba & Peru so their bloodlines vary by geographic & climactic conditions as well as the needs of mankind. However there are some generalized characteristics that seem to run true throughout the breed.


Average height 14 – 15 hands


Head is small with a slightly convex profile
Neck is medium in length, upright & arched
Chest is medium wide
Back length varies
Legs are straight and slender
Hooves are small

Traditional Colors

All colors


Docile & willing
Spirited but gentle

Paso Fino Horse

Image from Just chaos


Riding horse
Cow horse
Show horse
Endurance horse
Parade mount

Paso Fino Products

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Country of Origin: Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico | Colors:
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