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Quarab Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Quarab Horse

Image from Ealdgyth


A Qurab horse is a cross between an Arabian and a Quarter Horse or a Paint horse and no other blood types are allowed.

This is a crossbreed that has been bred in the US since the 1960’s and eventually became popular enough for associations to be formed. The International Quarab Horse Association was founded in 1999 and in 2000 the studbook was formed.


Average height 14 – 16 hands


Can lean more towards the refined Arabian or the stock horse in type
Head is noble
Eyes are large
Neck is long & well set
Chest is broad
Back is medium in length and muscular
Legs are correct & dry
Hooves are hard


Intelligent & easy to train


Cow horse
Show horse
Riding horse
Endurance mount

Quarab Horse Products

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Country of Origin: USA |
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