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Arabo-Friesian Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands


Image from Newlitter


The Arabian blood was first added to the Friesian breed during Spanish invasion of the Netherlands during the late 16th and early 17th century.


Local Friesian farmers were forced to use Spanish stallions who carried Arabian blood. The resulting cross was an incredibly athletic animal that is found in the ancestry of the Orlov Trotter and the Morgan.

Later, during the 1960’s breeders attempted to further enhance the Friesian bloodlines by adding more Arabian blood to selected Friesian mares. Their goal was to enhance strength, endurance and lung & heart volume while retaining the physical characteristics of the Friesian.



Smooth gaits
Incredibly tough with high endurance


Should retain most of the physical characteristics of the Friesian horse

Traditional Colors

Generally black


Strong Friesian character, kind and true


Show horse
Eventing horse
Pleasure horse
Carriage horse

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Country of Origin: Netherlands | Colors:
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