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Cob Horse

Country of Origin: Unknown

Cob Horse

Image from Eponimm


Cob is a type rather than a specific breed, in the UK it is often used to descrive a common riding horse and in the US it is generally used to describe the Welsh Cob. Today the Section D Welsh Cob is the typical build of a historic Cob, it is said a good show cob should have “the head of a lady & the backside of a cook.”

There are 3 divisions of show cobs, separated by size, Lightweight, Heavyweight & Maxi Cobs. Common breeds that display the cob characteristics are Welsh Ponies & Colored Cobs (Vanners).


Average height 14.2 – 15.1 hands
Steady & comfortable


Head is sensible & sometimes Roman nosed
Neck is crested
Body is small & compact
Legs are short & sturdy

Traditional Colors

All colors


Calm & responsive

Cob Horse

Image from Eponimm


Driving horse
Show horse
Riding horse

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The Cob Horse Type


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Country of Origin: Unknown | Colors:
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