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Australian Pony

Country of Origin: Australia


The history of this breed dates back to the early 19th century when the first settlers arrived with horses & ponies to work the land. By the early 20th century, crossbreeding of the imported animals had created many solid pony types.


The main initial contributors to the Australian Pony are English Thoroughbred, Hackney, Welsh Mountain & Cob type, Arabian, Timor, Hungarian & Exmoor ponies.

In 1931 the Australian Pony Stud Book Society was formed to establish & document a standard of type. The stud book contains the records of many different pony breeds & the Australian pony section encompassed the British mountain & Moorland pony breeds along with stock bred in Australia.


Average height 11 – 14 hands
Action is smooth & free


Head should be alert with a flat forehead
Neck is slightly crested, long & fine
Back is strong with a deep girth
Tail is well-set & carried high
Legs are strong & fine with well-shaped joints
Hooves are strong & neat

Traditional Colors

Any color is allowed (except pinto patterns) although grey is preferred


Alert & sensible
Even tempered & often used as a children’s horse


Riding pony
Show pony
Eventing pony
Driving pony
Mounted games

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Country of Origin: Australia | Colors:
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