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Criollo Horse

Country of Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay

Criollo Horse


The term Criollo originally meant animals (or people) of purebred Spanish ancestry who were born in the Americas, but through time it has come to mean breeds native to the Americas.

Criollo Horse


With few exceptions, all breeds native to South & Central America are of Spanish Barb or Andalusian descent. Brought to the Americas with the Spanish during the 16th century.

Today Criollo breeds are native to several countries including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil & Colombia. Wherever they are from they are prized for their endurance capabilities & ability to withstand harsh conditions.


Average height 13.3 – 15.1 hands
An amazingly resilient and robust animal
There are a wide variety of confirmations


Head is short with broad forehead & sometimes convex profile
Eyes are alert, ears are small & pointed
Neck is muscular & slightly crested
Back is large & strong
Legs are short, solid & strong

Traditional Colors

All colors


Strong character
Independent & tenacious
Willing & sensible

Criollo Horse


Saddle horse
Livestock horse
Show horse
Pleasure horse
Endurance animal

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Country of Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay | Colors:
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