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Calabrese Horse

Country of Origin: Italy

Calabrese Horse


The Calabrese horse breed is named for the Calabria region of southern Italy and is known for their Asian-African characteristics.


This is a breed that dates back to the Greek colonial period and they were notably different from the heavier Nordic type animals often found in the northern regions of Italy. These animals were prized for their perfect combination of the hardy Asian animals with the high energy African mounts.

During the following centuries the due to its location in southern Italy, this breed was influenced by a number of different bloodlines. As the western Roman Empire fell late in the 5th century Germanic tribes invaded the area bringing sturdy animals from the north. Later in the 10th century Arabian blood was brought up from Africa by the Saracens.

Breeding of the Calabrese horse continued in earnest (and saw an addition of Andalusian blood) until the early 18th century when the breeding of mules who were better suited for the local terrain.

Early in the 20th century the breed saw a revival and breeders found a renewed interest in keeping the breed alive.


Average height 16 – 16.2 hands


Head has straight or slightly convex profile with wide forehead
Neck is arched and well-formed
Chest is broad & deep
Shoulder is sloping & long
Back is short & straight
Legs are straight with a good natural stance
Hooves are well-formed with a strong horn

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay


Spirited & friendly
Willing & tough


Riding horses
Sport horse
Pleasure horse

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