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Andravida Horse

Country of Origin: Greece

Andravida Horse

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Also called the Eleia, Ilia, or Greek, the Andravida is a rare & mysterious light draft breed found in the region of Ilia, Greece.


Their ancestors were cavalry horses used by the Athenians in the fourth century BC. Later, in the seventh century BC the Greek cavalry used the Andravida again for war. During times of peace the animals continued to be useful as a light draft for transport & carrying goods.

During the 13th to 15th centuries Arabian blood was used to refine the stock, which created the lighter animal known today.

Modern Andravida

Early in the 20th century the breed saw an influx of Anglo-Norman breeds. This combined with the fact that they have not traditionally been bred outside of Ilia means are very rare.

In the 1990’s an Andravida stud sired around 50 healthy colts which were sent to breeders throughout Greece. This one animal may have saved the breed from extinction & became the foundation for the official studbook established in 1995. Their numbers remain very low & they are rarely found anywhere outside of Ilia even today.


Average height 14 – 16 hands
Large, strong horse


Unremarkable head
Chest is deep & muscular
Legs are stocky & powerful

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | bay | dun | palomino & buckskin


Strong & willing draft type


Riding horses
Work animals


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