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Astrakhan Horse

Country of Origin: Mongolia

Astrakhan Horse


Also called Kalmykskaya & Kalmyk, the Astrakhan is a member of the Mongolian equine group, they are bred in the territory along the Volga & Ural rivers. Sadly, this breed is in danger of becoming extinct.


The Kalmyk breed came to Russia from Dzungaria in the 17th century, brought by the Kalmyk people. They were described as plain, medium-sized animals that were very tough & possessed speedy gaits. They look similar to the Kirgiz horse, but tend to be coarser with longer legs.

Selective breeding of these animals ended around 1943 & many crosses have changed the landscape of the bloodlines considerably.

Modern Astrakhan

In 1986 the local University of Cattle Breeding attempted to determine their numbers & located an isolated heard in the eastern regions that seemed to be of purer blood. Of around 2000 animals, only about 500 were considered suitable to develop a breeding farm in an attempt to preserve the breed.


Average height 14.2 – 15 hands
Can be pacers


Firm constitution
Roman profile
Small neck
Short, strong back
Well-developed legs
Strong, sound feet


These animals are slow to mature, taking 6 years to reach full development.
Calm & docile by nature


Harness horse


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Country of Origin: Mongolia |
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