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Rocky Mountain Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Rocky Mountain Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


The Rocky Mountain Horse comes from eastern Kentucky early in the 20th century and shares bloodlines with the American Saddlebred & Tennessee Walking Horse all of which carry Spanish blood in their veins.


The foundation stud for the breed was named Old Tobe and he sired a number of offspring that possessed his unique characteristics. Their smooth gait made them a favorite for farmers & in the rugged areas of the (interestingly enough) Appalachian Mountains. All Rocky Mountain Horses of today carry his bloodlines.

Well liked for their extreme versatility, hardiness and ability to withstand wintering outside. Initially the breed was bred in small pockets of the Kentucky countryside and while their popularity grew they were not often crossed with other animals. The Rocky Mountain traits were valuable to the area and worth it to the locals to preserve.

While the breed remained relatively pure, this type of unorganized breeding could have meant the end of the breed. Luckily in 1986 the Rocky Mountain Horse Association was formed to preserve the breed and attempt to organize breeding.


Average height 14.2 – 16 hands


Eyes are bold
Chest is wide
Shoulder is well sloped

Traditional Colors

Preferred color is chocolate (silver dapple) with a white mane & tail but all solid colors are accepted.


Gentle & kind

Rocky Mountain Horse

Image from Tsaag_Valren


Riding horse
Farm horse
Light agriculture

Rocky Mountain Horse Products

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