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Zeeland Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Zeeland Horse


Zeeuwse Trekpaard, or Zeeland Horses are an old Dutch Breed that was influential in the development of the Belgian & Dutch draft animals.

Zeeland Horse


Dutch & Belgian carriage horses are very similar animals & their registries will often take animals from the other country. It is thought that breeding of the Zeeland horse began early in the 17th century. Initially they were developed not only as a carriage horse, but as a robust workhorse for wartime, agriculture & mining. In fact, a large portion of the Dutch economy depended on the strength of these animals. They were highly prized animals well into the 20th century when mechanical transport became more effective. After the second world war, Zeeland horses became more of a pleasure, carriage animal.


Average height 15-16 hands
Interestingly enough traditionally tails were docked at the tailbone, giving them a super-robust look. This was done for both superstitious reasons (people believed that a long tail took strength from the horse’s back) & for practical reasons as carriage horses. Thankfully, since 2001 docking tails is against the law in the Netherlands.

For such a large horse, the Zeeland has an energetic step & strong gaits. They are the only pulling horse breed in the Netherlands – sadly they are low in numbers.


Head is small (especially considering their robust body).
Legs are short with heavy feathers.

Traditional Colors

Black, bay, fox & roan


Can be stubborn due to their size
Generally sensitive & responsive
Calm & enduring

Zeeland Horse


Carriage horse
Dressage horse

Zeeland Horse Products

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