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Anglo-Norman Horse

Country of Origin: France

Anglo-Norman Horse


The Anglo-Norman was a warmblood breed from the old Normandy province in northern France. Today the breed is extinct, however their bloodlines live on in a variety of modern French breeds including the Selle Français.


Developed as a versatile horse, the foundation of Anglo-Norman bloodlines was local Norman mares crossed with English Thoroughbred, Norfolk Roadster & other half-breeds (generally of Norfolk Roadster & Mecklenburg lineage).

Through this cross breeding three different types emerged: a light draft (the Norman Cob of today); a fast harness horse (the French Trotter of today); & a general riding horse that was well suited for military service (the Anglo-Norman).

New Blood

In the mid 20th century the Anglo-Norman bloodlines received an infusion of regional warmblood lineage with the goal of creating the foundation of the Selle Français studbook. The Anglo-Norman also contributed their genetics to the Andravida, Freiberger, Nonius, Sokolsky, Heihe & lent refinement to the Oldenburg.


Average height 15.1 – 16.3 hands
Known for their jumping abilities


Convex profile
Long neck
Powerful hindquarters

Traditional Colors

All solid colors (mostly chestnut)


Riding horse
Light agriculture

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