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American Cream Draft Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Cream Draft Horse

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A relatively new breed, the American Cream Draft is a color breed in the United States. They come from Iowa, originating with a foundation draft mare named Old Granny in 1905.

American Cream Draft Horse

Image from Just Chaos


The only draft breed native to the US, the American Cream Draft is a rare breed with a cream coat, pink skin & amber colored eyes – all three specific traits of the champagne dilution gene.

The American Cream Horse Association of America was developed in 1944 & the breed was recognized in 1950 by the Iowa Department of Agriculture. The flagship mare was bred to a number of different draft breeds/ colors in the hopes of maintaining her stature & creamy color.

Modern Cream Drafts

Like their European counterparts, the replacement of farm animals with heavy equipment caused a sharp decline in the cream numbers & the breed faced extinction.

In 1982 a revival attempt was made by members who re-opened the organization books. Today the American Cream Draft breed is not out of the woods, but their numbers are increasing. The renewed interest has put an emphasis on keeping bloodlines as they have always been, resisting the temptation to create a more ‘modern’ type of animal.


Average height 15 – 16.3 hands
Medium-heavy draft type


Head is refined with a flat or concave profile
Eyes are wide set & expressive
Well muscled shoulders
Rounded hindquarter & large barrel

Traditional Colors

Creme color comes from the champagne dilution gene


Calm & quiet demeanor
Easy to train & eager to please
Strong & able


Agriculture work
Show horses
Riding horses

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