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Suffolk Punch Horse

Country of Origin: England

Suffolk Punch Horse

Image from Harlequeen


The Suffolk Punch is the oldest draft breed of Britain that still exists in their original conformational state today. The highest concentration of the breed can be found in their birthplace of East Anglia.

Suffolk Punch Horse

Image from Squeezyboy


Dating back to the 16th century, the Suffolk is a very old breed, unfortunately records were not well kept and their actual origins are a mystery still. Today the lineage of all members of the breed is traced back to one stallion born in 1768. Due to their relative physical isolation geographically the Suffolk has developed independently changing only slightly to meet the needs of local people. Farmers who bred the animals used them daily so they were rarely even sold outside the area.

The Suffolk Punch Society was founded in 1877 and over the years been well received. Interestingly enough this breed has earned popularity in other parts of Europe as well as Pakistan where they are bred as army animals.


Average height 16.1 – 17.1 hands


Head is broad
Neck is thick, muscular & arched
Shoulders are well muscled & sloping
Back is short & wide
Legs are short & stocky with no feathering & appear a tad too short for their body
Hooves are well formed & sound

Traditional Colors

Always chesnut (chestnut) & there are 7 recognized shades.


Kind & willing

Suffolk Punch Horse

Image from amandabhslater


Show horse

Suffolk Punch Horse Products

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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