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Welsh Cob (Section D)

Country of Origin: Wales

Welsh Cob (Section D)

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All sections of the Welsh ponies come from Wales and the Welsh Cob registers under Section D of the Welsh Pony studbook. This area has bred a horse of cob type for centuries, useful for both farm work, carriage & riding purposes.

Welsh Cob (Section D)

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The D Section was created from the Welsh Mountain Pony found native in Wales, bred specifically as a horse type. The exact origins of this type is a mystery, lost in the sands of time, however there has been evidence of similar animals since Medieval times. Throughout the years they have proven to be hardy, versatile and supremely useful to the people of Wales. Prior to the 20th century were one of the fastest means of transportation, however the advent of mechanized transport put them out of favor until recently.

A renewed interest in driving competitions has given the Welsh Cob a chance to shine again and a there has been a renewed interest in their bloodlines.


Average height 14 – 15 hands


Head is small & well proportioned with a straight profile
Eyes are large & prominent
Ears are small & pointed
Neck is long, muscular & arched
Back is short & wide
Chest is broad & deep
Legs are short & strong with clean joints and some feathering at the fetlocks
Hooves are shapely & strong

Traditional Colors

All colors except pinto patterns


Gentle & docile

Welsh Cob (Section D)

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Riding horse
Light draft
Show horse

Welsh Cob Products

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Country of Origin: Wales | Colors:
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