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Burmese Pony

Country of Origin: Burma

Burmese Pony


Also called the Shan pony, the Burmese pony isn’t a particularly refined breed, however their adaptability and ability to function on difficult terrain makes them well liked in the mountainous regions.

Burmese Pony

Image from jascha


This breed is native to the Shan state of Eastern Burma and bred by the local tribes there. They are similar in confirmation to Bhutia, Spiti and Manipuri ponies who all have ties to the Mongolian and Arabian horses. Although they may carry the influence of many different Eastern breeds.

Due to their mountain habitat, they are very sure footed, reliable and able to survive in a harsh environment.


Average height 12 – 13 hands


Head has straight profile
Neck is muscular
Back is long without pronounced withers
Chest is deep and wide
Legs are fine but strong
Hooves are small and hard

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay


Quiet and willing, good for kids and beginners

Burmese Pony

Image from Anguskirk


Mountain trekking
Riding pony
Pack pony

Burmese Pony Products

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