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Lokai Horse

Country of Origin: Tadzhikistan



Also called the Lokaiskaya, the Lokai is a saddle breed of Asian descent that is bred in central & southern Tadzhikistan. They were developed by the Uzbek Lokai tribe in the 16th century in an attempt to improve the native local breeds.


Various bloodlines were used including the Iomud, Akhal-Teke, Karabair & Arabian. These are perhaps the shortest in stature of the central Asian breeds and there is not a great deal of physical conformity within the breed. They are actually bred more for their curly hair genetics than any other physical characteristic.

There are several different types within the Lokai breed, based on where they are bred. Northern animals tend to be coarser and more robust while southern animals have a more refined constitution.


Average height 14 – 14.3 hands
Their coats have characteristic curls


Head is short with a straight profile but can be coarse & bulky
Neck is medium in length, lean and often low set
Back is straight, wide & short
Chest is deep & broad
Legs aren’t always soundly set but solid
Hooves are hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Alert & spirited
Loyal & true


Riding horse
Pack animal

Lokai Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Tadzhikistan | Colors: , ,
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