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Arravani Horse

Country of Origin: Greece


The Arravani is a Greek horse that is as tough as it is elegant. Sadly they are in danger of extinction, with only about 200-300 of them are left in the world today.


The breed has been influenced by a wide variety of outside blood, but originated in 1000 BC by crossing Dorian ponies & Thessalian horses from southern Greece. Almost a millennia later, Roman animals lent their bloodlines to the Arravani. The resulting animal was a tough, surefooted workhorse with great character.

During the Turkish occupation, Arabian blood also contributed to the Arravani breed, adding refinement & elegance to an already hardy animal.

Strength of Character

For thousands of years the breed has been used by local farmers as agriculture workers & for transporting loads over stony mountain paths. Their calm nature reflects their lifestyle high in the mountains, where there is no place for a panicked animal to run.

Modern Arravani

Greece is largely rural, however the introduction of motorized vehicles saw a decline in need for horseflesh. This caused a decline in numbers, which was further exacerbated by a number of animals being sold off & exported to Italy for meat. Today this hardy animal faces extinction & are rarely even found in their native country.


Average height 12.3 – 14.6 hands


Small, finely cut head with large eyes
Highly set, strong neck
Straight lines & short back
Hooves are hard & small

Traditional Colors

black | brown


Calm nature
Durable & persistent


Pleasure horse

Helpful Links

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Country of Origin: Greece | Colors: ,
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