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Chapman Horse

Country of Origin: England

Chapman Horse


The Chapman horse is an extinct breed that was once native to England. Their name came about because they were used by chapmen (traveling salesmen) as pack horses for their wares. Although this breed was a versatile animal and strong enough to withstand much more strenuous labor.

During the English Civil War this breed saw an influx of new blood, namely that of Spanish animals. The late 17th century brought African Barb blood & the descendants of their offspring later became the Cleveland Bay.

Later in the 18th century Arabian stock contributed in the hopes of creating taller, but lighter & faster animals for pulling carriages.

After centuries of breeding, the bloodlines of the Chapman horse had been so heavily influenced by outside blood that the original breed had become lost.


Relatively short

Traditional Colors



Energetic & proud


Pack horse
Riding horse
Carriage horse

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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