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Drum Horse

Country of Origin: England

Drum Horse

Image from PistolPeet


The drum horse is a rare breed in that it is named for its job. They used to simply be defined as a colored Shire horse, but just being colorful wasn’t enough.


These animals are used by the British regimental Cavalry for events & parades where they carry two 90 pound silver kettle drums as their rider plays them. These animals are familiar in all British Pageantry and well known for their role. These animals are very rare on a global scale, although the US has developed their own American Drum Horse.

The Drum horse is of Gypsy Cob type and carries many of the same characteristics.


Average height over 16.2 hands


Head attractive and well-proportioned
Eyes expressive and kind
Both convex and concave profiles acceptable
Neck is long and well muscled
Mane is abundant
Chest is deep and broad
Barrel is well-rounded with long well-set ribs
Legs straight and clean
Hooves are large with open heels
Feathering is required of the breed and should begin above the fetlock joint and cover the hoof

Traditional Colors

pinto patterns


Calm and easy disposition


Parades and events

Helpful Links

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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