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Chilkow Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Chilkow Horse


The Chilkow is still a relatively young breed, developed in the Baikal Sea area of Russia. The native horse of the area, the Buryat, was the basis for the breed.


English Thoroughbreds and Orlov Trotters were bred with the Buryat to develop this new breed. The result was a much faster, larger horse with a noble air. They were good riding horses, although not generally as robust as the Buryat.


Average height 13.2 – 14.2 hands


Head has straight profile & large eyes
Shoulder is beveled
Withers are high
Back is long
Croup is sloping
Limbs are dry with hard hooves

Traditional Colors

All colors are exhibited, but no pinto patterns.


Well balanced & calm
Tough & courageous


Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors:
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