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Russian Heavy Draft Horse

Country of Origin: Russia



The Russian Heavy Draft is a small, sturdy & fast draft breed that was developed in the Ukraine.


The foundation of the breed is the native Ukrainian breeds crossed with Ardennes, Belgian Draft & Orlov Trotter and systematic breeding began in the mid 19th century.

The Russian Heavy Draft was introduced at the Paris Exhibition in 1900 and quickly the two World Wars almost wiped the breed out, however by 1937 a small stock of purebreds were isolated and kept safe. Unlike most draft breeds, the Russian isn’t overly large, but they are quite muscled.

There are three types found within the breed & another group that is not as uniform and generally comprised of trotter types.

Novoaleksandrov type – Smaller with a massive body.

Ural type – Larger with a shorter body, longer legs with more feathering.

Massive type – Largest of the types & coarser in confirmation.


Average height 114.1 – 15 hands


Head is average in size & clean with a straight profile
Neck is short, broad, fleshy & highly crested in studs
Back is long, broad and can be soft
Chest is deep & broad

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Milk production

Russian Heavy Draft Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: ,
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